November 16, 2010

That Mom

I've been trying to deny it.

Put it out of my mind.

No matter how hard I try...

I am 'that mom'!!

Yep, I'm that mom so consumed by the chaos that is her life that I don't even realize when I send my three year old to church in a dress...but NO panties. Uh huh, I'm 'that mom'.

I am that psychotic mom who thinks she can discipline her children by putting fear in them. That's right, come to my house on any afternoon and you will probably hear me screaming, "Get your hiney back in this house RIGHT NOW. If I catch you opening this door again without Momma or Daddy, you will be SO sorry. Do I make my self clear? Yes what?" Then you may hear my child quietly respond 'Yes, Ma'am' while trying to fight back their tears.

I'm that mom who finally talks her husband into going to the store to buy milk after she has done without ALL DAY, just to bite her tongue as he walks through the door with NO FAT MILK!! Hello?? Our two three year olds still weigh 25lbs...we need WHOLE MILK genius! *sigh*

I'm the mean mom who cooks ONE dinner. "If you don't like, don't eat...and I better not catch your Daddy sneaking you snacks later"!!

I'm that crazy mom who isn't scared to shop alone with my three kids. You know 'that mom'...she's the one with one baby in a sling across her torso and not one, but two other children in the cart screaming to get out. Don't think I am above bribery...there is always popcorn at the end for whoever doesn't break something. True story!

Now don't get me wrong, I also sit at a table for hours everyday while my girls play with play-doh and color. I'm the mom who puts at least one huge bow in each of my daughter's hair ever time we leave the's a MUST! I put up with Dora and Diego all flippin' day long. I take multiple trips to the park all day long by the demand of my kids. I love them! I would do anything for them! I just choose to survive while doing so! :)

. . . . . . . . . .

We've recently changed Alyssa and Allison's bedtime from 9pm to 8pm...and what a wonderful difference that makes! Mommy and Daddy are both much happier now that they get an extra hour of sleep!

I caught a random guy going through my neighbors trash cans. I scared him so bad, I thought he may pee his pants or collapse there on the spot. Weird!

Johnathon found another pair of the girls' panties in the kitchen sink. In the garbage disposal to be more exact! We MUST find out who keeps doing this!! My guess is that the pair he found was also the pair that was supposed to be on Allie the morning of church! I'll be keeping a close eye on her in the future!

I keep telling myself that we are done with Christmas shopping...until I find another cute 'something' to buy my girlies! :)

I've started making lots and lots of hair bows. They're super cute, cheap and just begging to be worn in YOUR daughter's hair. I'll post the link to my etsy shop later this week.

I have a HUGE blister on my finger as a result of the before mentioned hair bows. Ouch!

Johnathon has transformed our utility room into a craft room for moi!! Isn't he the sweetest?

Enough for now...

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G-Pride Farm said...

You sound like a great mother and don't forget that. Your love comes shining thru however you choose to word your threats.
My how your girls have grown. They are such beautiful little ones, congratulations to you and your hub on good genes. Take a deep breath and keep trudging along, don't forget to check those bottoms are covered. LOL

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