November 22, 2010

Not again...

Alright, I am officially over the whole sending my three year old to church a dress

...with no panties!!

We are now on to bigger, better and more embarrassing things. You know, like packing up your family (two toddlers and a 13 month old) for a special treat:
Movie at the Drive-In!!

Let me set it up for you...

Around 3pm we decided to take the girls to the drive-in.
We showered, packed toys, snacks and blankets.
By the time we got settled in the truck the clock said 5pm.
Perfect! Movie was at 7:30
...opened at 7pm
...we needed to stop for gas
...99 cent store was calling my name
...McDonald's for dinner

We arrived at the drive-in by 6pm. Only an hour to eat, clean up and get ready before we could enter. Time was on our side.

7pm rolls around and there is no one in sight. There are no signs saying that they will be closed. Where is everyone?

We are feeling quite stupid! I then do what any other responsible mother would do at this MY mom! :)

This is where it gets bad...

She informs me that it is only 6pm!!

Oh yes, folks!! My husband forgot to set the clock in the truck back an hour two weeks ago. We then had to wait ANOTHER hour before it even opened. That wouldn't have been so bad if Madelynn hadn't decided that it would also be a great time to PUKE! Of course we hadn't thought to bring an extra set of clothes...the kids were in their jammies.

Who does something like this?

Now, only because I have deprived you lately, here are two pictures of Alyssa & Allison.

I added this second one for blackmail purposes only.
Lord only knows I will need it when she is older!

1 comment:

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

Oh no, nothing like waiting an extra hour and puke. But in a year or so, this will be one of those stories you will look back on and laugh about : )

Regarding the cheer question...
They cheer through school. Our school allow 5 - 6 yrs. to start cheer and football. And younger than, 5 yr. can be the mascot.
That is how they do things here. It is kind of like park football but it is affilated with the school. Hope that helps but definitely contact your local park & school

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