November 12, 2010


Happy Friday ya'll!!

We had a fabulous Veteran's Day in the Stone household yesterday!! Johnathon had the day off, obviously, so we opted for a typical lazy day. It basically consisted of walking to Target (a little Mommy and Allison time), on the floor playing with the kids, multiple trips to the park, hanging with neighbors, an easy quick dinner and EARLY BEDTIMES!!

Thank you to everyone for remembering to acknowledge not only Johnathon, but myself. It really means a lot that people took time out of their day to remember the spouses. Remember, all of November is Military Family Appreciation month!

I decided not to blog yesterday for the simple fact that this blog is beginning to take over. I need to remember that "I blog about my life, this blog is NOT my life!". Soooo...yesterday I was very much thankful for my husband.

11/11/10 I am thankful for Johnathon
Sorry to disappoint ladies, but I seriously have the best husband ever! He's taken. Accounted for. All mine!

Quite honestly, he's my best friend. It's pretty simple really. Of course there are perks like him letting me sleep in at every chance possible. He watches all three girls, no problem. He makes dinner when I, out of the blue, decide that I don't feel up to it. His world stops when I don't feel well. He buys me flowers for no reason at all and listens when I just need to talk. He puts his family first even when that is the difficult thing to do (thank you, military!). He is a wonderful husband and even better father.

I love my Sailor!

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