November 10, 2010

I will...

...never be prepared for my daughter to bring me a 'frog' she just caught.
aka: a clump a dirt, but whose keeping track?!

...try to remember to check my kitchen sink for clothes before bragging about being 100% done with laundry.
{Allison had an 'accident' and put her dirty clothes in the sink...gotta love her for trying!}

...never again mistaken silence for the fact that the twins may actually be napping.
{They climbed over their gate and weren't even in their room!} my best to NOT fold laundry in the living room and then leave it unattended for even a second.
{Thus giving ample opportunity for the twins to destroy every single article of clothing.}

...learn from my awkward moments and quickly put on my bra the second I wake up in the morning.
{Who knows how many people are going to ring your door bell on any given day.}

...never again take for granted having my husband home. my best to never turn down a chance to snuggle with my babies.
{The day will come when they no longer want to be in the same house, let alone in my arms!}

...stop crying long enough to enjoy our last winter here in California.
{It's very emotional for me.}

. . . . . . . . .

11/07/10 I am thankful for new life.
My neighbor had her baby girl on Saturday. She is small, sweet, precious and perfect. I got to hold her for a bit yesterday and it gave me chills. There is just something so joyful about a newborn baby sitting softly in your arms. This is what life is all about.

11/08/10 I am thankful for lazy days.
I love that I have a husband who doesn't mind if raising three kids is just too much on some days. I love that within 5 seconds of walking through the door he can understand just how hard my day was. As he stands there looking at a destroyed living room and piles of half folded laundry, he simply instructs me to go upstairs and lay down.

11/09/10 I am thankful for inspiration.
There is nothing I love more than being a mother. Being a mother of three girls...well, that is just the icing on the cake! I adore all things frilly, pink and feminine!! After making the girls' Halloween costumes, I have decided to make them some more dresses. I have found some simple tutorials online and am really looking forward to it. I've also been looking around for some new hair bows for them as well. I just couldn't find anything like what I wanted for a price that I thought was I have been making my own. The girls like helping me and picking out which colors I should use. :)

11/10/10 I am thankful for long distance phone service.
I'm not sure how I would get through the day if I couldn't pick up the phone and call my mom 50 times a day...literally! Just knowing that her voice is 10 seconds away calms me.

God Bless

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