November 1, 2010

11/01/10 The Military

The Military
I can't believe I am even putting the Military on my list, especially on the first day, considering how much it has taken my husband away lately. On many occasions I have felt like I am the 'other woman' when it comes to my husband. He is gone for weeks at a time with little to no communication and has to come and go as the military sees fit. There are days when he will get home in the evening and leaves again a few hours later. Some days I will not find out that he isn't coming home until he just...well, doesn't come home. It's as if he is squeezing us in for a good dinner and 30 minutes of play time with the kids and he is gone again. Even when he is here, his phone is constantly going off and someone is needing his help. You can see why I often feel like the Military is his first family and we are his 'other family'. It's very difficult...on everyone!

All of that aside, the Military is my family too. I am a big girl and I knew what I was doing on July 22nd, 2006 when I said 'I do' to my Sailor. I was accepting a lifetime of being 2nd. A lifetime of sharing my husband with the sea and subjecting myself (and any future children) to a lifetime of understanding and loneliness. At the end of the day, the Military is what makes us who we are. No one can understand the pride that we feel being a Military family, unless you are/were one. It's a hard life that many aren't cut out for...and many times I question whether I am one of those people. Regardless, the Military is a paycheck. It's a way of life. It's OUR life.

The Military is always there for us when it's needed. It has given us a life and opportunities that we once only dreamed about. I am grateful for the Military and everything it has done for us. I know that when my husband is away or is locked in a room doing work at's for this country. It's because if him that I can sit here and right this today.

He may not be overseas (thank the Lord) but even the little things that he does everyday are for our freedom.

November is Military Family Appreciation Month!! I urge you to find a Military family and thank them. Thank them for all that they do and will do in the future. Thank them for all that they give up and deal with on a daily basis. Thank them for putting up with weird hours and weeks without their family members. It could be your son/daughter, your neighbor, family friend or even a complete stranger...THANK THEM! Let them know that you appreciate what it is that they do.

Many times the families behind the soldiers are forgotten. Think of them today...and everyday this month!!

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