October 4, 2010

Their Letter to Daddy


We sure are starting to miss you around here. Mommy doesn't push us very high on the swing and we would really appreciate it if you could come home and teach her how you do it. She also hasn't been making us take naps...is that okay, Daddy? We know you would NEVER let that slide.
Don't worry about Madelynn. We are making sure that Mommy keeps a good eye on her and spoils her like you would. She got a new tooth too, Daddy!! She is really starting to look like a big girl and we love it. Someone actually thought we were triplets the other day. Can you believe that?
Mommy made our Halloween costumes too!! She says we are going to be Thing 1 and Thing 2...whatever they are. All we know is that you won't be with us as we walk around getting candy. What's up with that Daddy-O? Whatever "duty" is, we don't like it. Fix that!!
Too bad you weren't here on Sunday. Mommy took us to this really cool new church. We met so many other kids and played with these totally awesome toys. You should have seen it!! We can't wait to take you there and show you how fun it is. We also got to go shopping and went out to lunch, it was a great day. We tried to take it easy on Mommy since she was all alone with us kids. You taught us well!!
Not to complain, Daddy, but Mommy has been really obsessed with combing and looking at our hair. She says we have some kind of icky in there. We're not sure what happened, but she seems a bit happier now and only combs our hair once a day with that little comb. Our guess is that the icky is gone, but what do we know!? All we DO know is that our head doesn't itch anymore...SCORE!
You should see our bedroom!! When Mommy was looking for the icky in our hair, she also cleaned our room. Oh my!! New sheets every night, vacuuming everyday...she even washed ALL of our clothes when they weren't even dirty. She is so silly, good thing we are so much like you. :)
Don't freak out, but we are starting to worry about Mommy. She seems a little stressed out and we think she really misses you. We ask her where you are everyday and she gets a little frustrated with us when we don't understand. We just want you home, Dad! We don't understand why she can't just call you and tell you to come home. {sigh}
Mommy keeps saying how much she loves the weather we are having, but we just don't understand. Who in their right mind would love wet, gloomy and grey? She is nuts!! We want our sunshine back so we can continue to wear our swimsuits and flip flops to the park.
Tomorrow Mommy is taking us to get 'Beauty and the Beast' and we are so excited!! We've been reading the book on our story ready all week and now we finally get to watch the movie. Wish you could be here for it.
We love you, Daddy!! Here is a little video we had Mommy do for us...hope you like it!

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