October 5, 2010

(My) Family Size

I did the unthinkable today and took all three girls to the Science Center. After driving around for 30 minutes just to find a parking space and then finding out that there were 'NO STROLLERS ALLOWED' inside...I almost wanted to cry. I gave my best puppy dog face to the manage and he let me sneak in with the stroller...to be honest, I think he felt sorry for me. No idea why! :)

Afterwards we went to the grocery store and then to Target (to pick up 'The Beauty & the Beast'). At one point I was asked "Are you babysitting?". Haha. What is with people asking such silly questions lately? When I replied that they were all mine, the guy just looked at my puzzled as if trying to figure out just how old I was. Without being asked, I told him that I am 23 years old (or will be in over a week!) and he looked away. Umm, okay.

A few moments later a lady asked if they all took naps at the same time. Yes, they do!

Before I made it into the next aisle, a lady stopped me just to inform me that I was crazy to bring all three kids to the grocery store that she she could hardly do it with one child. I was a little rude (I feel bad about that now) when I told her that I didn't have many other options considering their father was out to sea. That sure changed her tone.

All of this got me thinking...

When did 3 kids turn into such a strange idea? I understand that they are all three so close in age, but when did it become routine to only have one child? If that is your choosing then that's great, but don't judge those of us who decide to have more.

I feel very strongly that if someone has the financial stability to have another child, then it is in no way anyone's place to judge. Do I want 10 kids? No!

Johnathon and I, together, will know when our family is complete, no one else.

How will we know? Simple...when things aren't fun anymore. When it is too stressful or difficult to go on an outing, out to dinner, the park, the zoo. When we are too busy disciplining and scolding to truly enjoy them...we never want it to get that way. I love children and there is nothing better than the sound of your child's voice. Them laughing or telling you how much they love you; it's magic!

. . . . . . . . .

Next week I am doing a Q&A!!
I know so many of you follow my blog, and so many more just stop by from time to time to read what we are up to.
This is your chance to be nosey!! Ask whatever you would like.
Here are some category ideas:
Military family/spouse
Stay-at-home mom to 3 little girls
Homeschooling and why we chose it
NOTHING is off limits!! You can even ask anonymously!!

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Heather said...

You should see the looks on people's faces when telling them that you're pregnant with your fourth! Then, they are even more shocked when you tell them that you still aren't done yet. I have an entire arsenal of not-so-very-nice comebacks when I get sick of hearing their nosey questions. You'll hear plenty...Are you getting fixed after this one? (I just tell them that the last time I checked, nothing was broken)...Don't you know what causes it?...etc. It's a shame that having a large family has become something to look down upon, years ago it's what a woman looked forward to.

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