October 20, 2010

Madelynn Moments

Madelynn! Madelynn!
You are 1 year old!! Oh, how the year has flown by.
You are every bit as fun and outgoing as I said you would be the day you were born. You give the best kisses and have the cutest laugh I have ever heard. You sleep so well and could nap all day long. You cry a little when we drop you off in the church nursery, but are all smiles as we pick you up and you are crawling and playing with other little kids your age.
It makes you giggle when we let you play with your big sisters. You climb and crawl all over them, giving them kisses and leaving slobber all over their faces. The three of you are the best of friends.
Daddy and I have been working with you to take your first step and no luck so far. You are far too excited to do it on your own. The second we stand you up, you take off and there is no looking back. You are energetic like no one I have ever met and always make my day a better one.
There is nothing I love more than walking into your room in the mornings. You are all smiles as you jump up and down waiting for me to swoop you into my arms. You give me kisses all the way down the stairs and inhale your breakfast almost as fast as I can get it ready.

You still won't take your sippy. You are so stubborn like that!
(I wonder where you get that from!)
Daddy has been gone a lot lately and I can tell by your excitement when he walks in the room, just how much you have missed him.
I love you, baby girl!
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Bryant & Hilary said...

So sweet!! She will love this one day!

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