October 19, 2010

I'll Never...

As a child I was constantly adding to my endless list of "I'll NEVER"s.

You know, I'll NEVER let me kids walk around, or go out in public for that matter, in old and dirty clothes.

I'll NEVER have a messy house and my children's beds will be made every morning as to match my spotless house.


Haha. I can't help but laugh at how HORRIBLY that turned out. I guess I must lost that list or something, because that is certainly NOT my life.

Exhibit A:

1. Those are 2 wash clothes that were used to clean up the first of 3 spills that took place before noon.

2. That is the pile of shirts that have been waiting to be hung up for two days.

3. Yes, my daughter is missing her pants. Yes, her shirt is on backwards...her handy work. Yes, she is indeed wearing the same shirt from yesterday that she also slept in last night!! :)

4. You are looking at a HUGE pile of toys...including ALL of the mr. potato head pieces, tons of puzzle pieces, barbie clothes and other junk!

This would be a glimpse into Madelynn's play yard. The area that I told myself would be 100% baby proof, 100% of the time. I forgot to take into consideration the amount of 'big kid' toys that her older sisters would toss in there. Grrr!
And yes, that would be my other pantless 3 year old with a toy in her mouth...typical!

Ohh-Wee...You get the viewing pleasure of seeing the two loads of laundry that are sitting in front of my washing machine just waiting to be washed. "Sarah........Sarah......" I can hear it calling my name.
Oh, and if you look closely you can see that my dryer is open and clean (probably very wrinkly) clothes are hanging out. That would be courtesy of my husband who 'fluffs' his clothes every morning and leaves a mess behind him. There is also a pile of dry laundry soap in front of the washing machine...him again!
I believe I also spy the twins' stroller hidden in there with Madelynn's puppy inside. Oye!
At the top of my stairs you will find an overflowing basket of garage sale clothes just waiting to be sorted, folded and put away in storage. We are slowly weeding out the garbage that we no longer use/wear, but unfortunately I have yet to get to it. So there it sits!!

Oh, and THESE are the perfectly made beds that I was talking about in my "I'll NEVER" list.
What were some of your "I'll NEVER"s or "I'll ALWAYS"s??
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Roe Family said...

I loved this post! That is so my life! I always wanted a clean and tidy home but it just doesn't seem to happen. And I do let my kids sleep in the shirt from the day before if they haven't been outside or we didn't get a bath in. It saves on the laundry pile! lol

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