August 12, 2010


I'm stopping...

Taking a step back from the chaos that has engulfed me over the last 48 hours.

Trying to relax.

That is cut short by my precious 10 month old who has a double ear infection.

The twins climbing all over me. Begging for me to read countless books to them.

Sippys. Books. Snacks. Puzzles. Toys. Cartoons. Potty breaks. Play-doh.

Screaming 10 month old.

Medicines. Bottles. Diarrhea up the back. Pedialyte. Sleepless nights. Short naps.

Registering my nieces for school and missing my husband.

The heat. Oh, the heat!

Fingers in fans. Naked butts. Candy in hair. It's CRAZY!

Rummage sales with my momma in the morning.

Preparing for a baby shower on Saturday.

FINALLY...Baby shower on Sunday.

Maybe then I can breath!

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1 comment:

Bryant & Hilary said...

I can feel your stress!! Sometimes, when life gets chaotic, we just need to stop and take some breaths and count! My Avery had an ear infection that is finally clearing up and now she is teething and teething for her is no fun...she is soooooo fussy! My oldest son, Bryson now three, had no problem with teething and fussiness. Sometimes, I just want a moment alone! And, it makes it harder when my husband is out of town. He works a lot out of town. Life is crazy, but a blessing! I thank GOD for getting me through each day!

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