August 19, 2010

Patience... not one of my virtues.

I know. I know! You're wondering how a mother of 3 little girls could be anything but patient, right?!

Well, at this point, I'm sick of patiently waiting for EVERYTHING.

Johnathon's E-6 test is on the 2nd of September (keep him in your prayers!), he will be here in Illinois a few days later, his sister is about to have her first baby, school is about to start, pumpkin patches, pies, orange red and brown trees, cool evenings, hot apple cider, warm soups, light jackets, our trip back to California!

Shall I go on?

Tomorrow is Emma's first day of school. She is very excited and has already picked out her stylish 'boy-catching' (as she calls it) outfit. Her backpack is packed and ready to go and we have spent 10 whole minutes writing her phone number on little pieces of paper for her to hand out to her friends. It's sweet seeing her get so excited to head back to school.

Breanna will have to miss her first day. :( She is due back in Peoria for a few check-ups with her doctors. To make it up to her, we got some cookies, icing, sprinkles and squiggle worms and will be making flip-flop cookies for her class. All will be right in her world! :)

Madelynn turned 10 months a few days ago and I thought I would update everyone on her status.

She is 18lbs and wearing 12-18 month clothing.
Size 4 diapers
2 Jars of 3rd foods at each meal
Three 6oz bottles a at each of her two naps and one at bed time
VERY little table food...but we are getting there
Saying 'Dada, Bobble, & Bu-bye'

She is getting bigger by the second and is oh so cute!!


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