June 23, 2010

Guess what Madelynn can do!!

Madelynn Jane @ 8.5 months.

I am in awe of her!

I think she amazes herself as well.

My baby is growing up right in front of my eyes.

She's definitely got her Momma's thunder thighs...

...but her Daddy's charm.

She is just the most precious little girl I have ever seen.

Before she was born I would wonder what she would like. More like Alyssa? Allison? How could she look like both when they already look so much alike? I'm not sure how, but she DOES look like a perfect mix of the two of them.

I have a sneaky suspicion that people may soon assume I have triplets!! After all, the three girls ARE all wearing the same size clothing. haha.

Oh, for family who will be buying clothes for the twins' birthday...

Shirts & Dresses: 2T
Pants: Don't buy them!! They will be too short or too big around the waist.
(and YES I have tried the adjustable waist pants...still too big)
Shorts & Leggings: 18 months

*They are into playing dress-up, tea party and reading Fancy Nancy books.

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1 comment:

Allison said...

I found your blog on the Multiples and More network. Your girls are beautiful! I have three boys (twins +1), who until last month were all under three. I laughed about having trouble finding pants that will stay up. I have the same problem with one of my twins. He's got no bum to speak of and a bitty waist. I bought something called pant clips from a company called Clippapotumous (or something like that!) that work great.
I hope you have a great week with your girls.

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