May 13, 2010


We took the girls to the zoo last weekend. We had a great time and the older girls were really looking forward to seeing all of the animals.

They were beaming with excitement.

Daddy did a great job entertaining both of them all day long.

They got up close and personal with the gorillas.


And then we had our first melt down! We had just come down some stairs and Johnathon had been helping me with the stroller when Allison decided to start walking down the hill on her own. We told her to stop, but she just walked faster. As soon as she saw her daddy coming to get her, she took off! Running as fast as she could.

Her little legs were going faster than she could control and she tripped.
FACE FIRST into the concrete.
She screamed, made a scene, and cried

See the aftermath??

Johnathon & Allison

Mommy & Alyssa



Then we got home and fixed her up...she was thrilled!

What's on the agenda for this weekend?

The beach!
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1 comment:

grandma said...

Poor baby! I'd of cried two! Actually, I'd probably still be crying!!!!

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