May 13, 2010


Yes, I plan on homeschooling my kids.

It's something that has been weighing heavily on me lately. I already do my best to teach the girls, but I was unsure whether or not I wanted to take the next step and buy an actual curriculum. After much research, I have found the cirriculum that we will use...Sonlight.

This time next year, it will be official.
I am very excited!

As for now, I will continue to do my best teaching them their letters, numbers, shapes & more!
What are we learning now?

We are mastering counting to 20. Some days they are flawless, other days they skip 15 and 17. We are working on it and they are getting only better.

I still so alphabet flash cards with them. They are doing great at recognizing all 26 letters, but I like to keep everything fresh in their minds.

We are passed drawing lines and are now onto squiggle lines and small mazes. They aren't too great at them yet, but we are making progress.

They can write a few letters, but "A" is still the favorite.

Both girls still know all of their shapes and colors. Those are the only two things that we no longer do on a daily basis.
Using their training scissors are a favorite! I struggle to get them to hold the scissors properly, Allison is a little better at it. They hate cutting in straight lines and prefer to just make little sclices on the outer edges of their paper.

We also color for many hours everyday. I think giving a child a crayon and piece of paper is the best thing you can do for them. Just to let their imaginations run wild as they learn the basic skills of writing.

Allison tends to be a little better at anything artistic. They both like drawing the sun, people, animals and houses. Faces are what they are best at. They are even getting pretty detailed and adding hair, ears and sometimes clothes.

They asked me to draw a picture of Daddy the other day. I made his head, face and body. I added the clothes, shoes and even a hat. The girls then instructed me to add hands & feet. I sat there for a second and watched Allison examine my drawing.

"Where's Daddy's pee-pee, Mommy?"

Bwahahaha! I almost died laughing!

This week I am going to talk to them about the ocean and all of the animals that call it 'home'.

We are taking them to the beach this weekend and I think it will make for a fun field trip.

My favorite part of our 'school day'? It's the few minutes we spend each day reading their begginers bible. I'm not sure how much they understand right now, but I know that one day it will all just click and I will be thankful for being so pursistant.

Here are a few videos from tonight.

Alyssa's new thing is saying "WhaTTT"? I know she gets this from me because I catch myself saying it often. She is so adorable when she says it...she is so animated and has a HUGE personality.

We also do the 'Frumpy face' a lot in this house.

Check them out for yourself.

Last but not least, we had to say hello to all of our faithful family readers!!

We love you all!!
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