May 29, 2010

Girls & Emotions

I took Alyssa for a walk yesterday evening. As we were on our way home she decided that she would walk up and sit on someone else's front steps.

She got the biggest frown on her face and said, "I'm sad!".
Obviously she has been watching too much 'Ni Hao Kai Lan' and is a little too in tune with her emotions. Haha.

She sat there for a good 5 minutes and screamed when I picked her up.

I was thinking to myself...

One of two things could happen.

1. The owner of this house is going to open their front door and think that we are some freak stalker family who sits on their front steps for entertainment.


2. The neighbor {a big strong mean looking guy} who was outside would assume that the screaming, crying and kicking child, that I was carrying against her will, was NOT mine and accuse me of kidnap.

Luckily neither happened and I got my 'sad' little girl home safe and sound!

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