April 12, 2010

Answer me this...

Am I the only mommy out there that foolishly thinks she has everything under control?
The only one that assumes she knows everything about her children?

Like how to bath them the quickest.
What books they love.
Their favorite foods & drinks.
When they are doing something ornery.
How to change their dirty diaper like a pro.

Are you also a

Johnathon went to the gym tonight and I was left to care for our tiny children...feed them, change them, and put them to bed.

Allison informed me that she was filling her diaper when she ran to the corner and proceeded with her loud grunting.
(yes, they were wearing diapers because their daddy took them outside to play baseball this evening.)

I changed her like the pro that I am. Tossed it to the side. Moved on the other girl.

I then undid Alyssa's diaper, casually throwing it over with Allison's when a large gooey ball of ick hit my leg and slumped off onto the freshly changed sheet/blanket.

I looked down to see a trail of poop across the floor.


Poop was everywhere. Alyssa's butt was covered. My leg smelled fierce.

Am I the ONLY person that this happens to??

I mean, seriously?!

Just when I think I am on a roll and getting things accomplished at record speed...
THIS happens.

Please, for the sake of my sanity, fill me in on your little
not so Super Mom moments!
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Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

Oh, I still have those days and my girls are potty trained. There is nothing like when you are about to sit on the potty and you see a poop smear on the potty lid - you know cause wiping is overrated! : )
I will be happy to share any more poop and other gross stories with you.

My Buzz on Vibes said...

I will say that my tolerance for all things gross has increased dramatically since I had kids. Poop, puke, pee puddles, and nasal secretions don't bother me much anymore.


my girls have been pooping in the tub on a regular basis these days...driving me nuts!

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