March 15, 2010

Our trip to the Zoo

Well, all the in-laws are gone and things seem to have gone back to 'normal'; whatever that is. Today is an amazingly sunny day. It's about 75 degrees right now and the twins and I have spent most of our morning outside. Madelynn has been sleeping through the night lately (knock on wood) and woke up for a 6:30am feeding just to fall back to sleep until 8:45am. :) She then fell asleep in her swing, allowing me to play outside with the big girls. We played with sidewalk chalk, their new balls and even splashed a little water around.

While family was here, we went to the zoo...

Checkin' out the monkeys!
It's becoming IMPOSSIBLE to get a good picture.
With their Daddy♥
Not sure what she is looking at, but Allison was pretty interested in it.
Together they are TROUBLE!
Daddy & Alyssa and Uncle Josh & Allison
Grandma Stone and her girls!
Had to slip one of us in there!! :)
On our bus ride around the zoo.
The twins had a great time seeing all of the animalsQuick picture with Mommy!
Then they decided it would be funny to sit in the middle of the road! ugh...hehe!

The whole gang...minus Grandma and Maddie.
The poor girls were wiped out afterwards!
(We should go there more often)
. . .
That's about it for me.
My mind is so scattered right now.

It's time for laundry, dishes and getting our bedroom ready for our new mattress!!

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