March 16, 2010

Little bit of THIS; Little bit of THAT

Just a quick comparison of two of my little ones.
Madelynn is sprouting into a feisty little girl so quickly. Right in front of my eyes she is leaving her infant days behind. My prediction is that by the end of her 6th month, she will be crawling all over my totally NOT ready, NOT baby proofed and messy house.
I've mentioned a few times how big of a bond my 2 year olds have.
After all, they were in the womb together, slept in a crib together, share a room together...

It's only natural that they have a bond unlike other sisters.
They fight with each other and keep things interesting,
but are always right there to help each other.
They are protective of one another and each other's biggest fan!

What could make them squeal like this??
Playing with their Daddy, of course!
. . .
It's a beautiful day again today!
I plan on taking the twins for a bike ride and when we get home, making homemade pizza.

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G-Zell said...

Aww too cute!

Christina said...

Awww, great pictures!!

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