February 9, 2010


-Madelynn is eating stage 1 baby foods now! We are on sweet potatoes now and she seems to love them.

-The twins have figured out how to open their bedroom door. I sat in the hallway yesterday and listened to them...Alyssa took off the child lock and then she yelled for Allison to come over and open the door. Good thing they are pros at walking down the stairs! Now let's just hope they don't figure out the baby gate now.

-My mom's arm clotted again. {For those of you who don't know, she is on kidney dialysis.} It's the 3rd time this month that it has happened. Luckily they were able to get it fixed and now all we can do is pray that it doesn't happen again anytime soon.

-Today is another duty day. At least Johnny gets to come home early tomorrow so he can take me to my Dr.s appointment.

-As I said the other day, I've been having some weird symptoms lately. Blurred vision, exhaustion, dizziness, my balance is off...
I was going to head to the ER Sunday morning, but woke up feeling 100 times better and decided to just make an appointment. They couldn't get me in until Wednesday...so I just have to make it until then. I'm pretty sure they are just going to put me on some iron and call it a day! Wish me luck!

-I ♥♥ my new bike! I've been riding everyday since we bought it and pulling the girls behind me in their little bike trailer. One trip around our neighborhood is 1.5 miles...over and over and over again! The worst part? Half is uphill!

-We are finally shampooing our carpets on Wednesday!! I've only been talking about it forever. I think if we go any longer, people are going to start thinking the twins' room is a litter box...it smells like one. hehe.
Don't get me wrong, ALL poop is cleaned up as soon as I realize it's on the floor. Just over the months, the smell has grown and grown. I do believe it's starting to take over their room!

-Madelynn is growing out of her clothes just about as fast as I can buy them. The next time I buy diapers, they will be size 3. Mind you, her 2.5 year old sisters are STILL wearing size 3. At least I will only be buying one general size now!! :)

I guess I can get off my butt and take some pictures today! :)
Stay tuned!

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Christina said...

I love updates, and am loving reading more about your family. :)
That bike ride sounds tough! :)

mrs. b. said...

love the updates! sorry to hear about your mom, she will be in my prayers for sure! my dad was on kidney dialysis for a while, years ago. exciting to shampoo the carpets! we need to do that around here too, maybe it'll be my spring cleaning thing. :)

Anonymous said...

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