February 7, 2010

Multiples and their Schedules

It's an issue that is more important, yet sometimes a lot more difficult to manage for multiple families than most: schedules. We all know that keeping multiples on the same schedule is a no-brainer, but how closely we stick to a schedule varies widely between families.

This week's Question of The Week is:

How closely do you follow a schedule for your kids?

■How old are your kids now? Have you always followed a rigid schedule?
My girls are 2.5 now and up until the last 6 months, YES, I followed a rigid schedule. I felt like without one I wouldn't be able to sleep, eat or think!

■Do you think that your schedule is conducive to healthy sleep patterns in your kids?
Absolutely! My girls sleep in their own beds, in their own rooms and always have. They have also slept through the night since they were around 3 months old. (with the occasional getting up of Allison)

Since they were tiny, I have been very strict about their eating schedule AND sleeping schedule. They were NOT to get their bottle one minute before it was time. This annoyed many people in my family, but they weren't aware of what it was like to feed to picky premature infants on your own. I also put them in their cribs during the same time each day. In the beginning they wouldn't sleep the entire time...regardless, they were in their crib for at least some quiet time. Eventually they learned that they might as well sleep. Finally it evolved into 2, 2hour naps a day until they were around 20 months. When they transitioned to one nap, I kept the earliest nap time and every day pushed it back 5-10 minutes until I found a time that was comfortable and convenient for us. They now go down from 1-5 everyday.

■Do people give you a lot of flack for being a "schedule Nazi"? How do you respond?
Yes, I thank them! :) To them, I point out how amazing my children are. They are happy, well rested and know what is expected out of themselves.

■Has your routine become more relaxed as your kids have gotten older?
Absolutely!! We are a lot more laid back now.

■How do you kids react when they are completely off their schedules- and how do you get them back on track?
They are miserable when they are off of their schedules. They get very fussy and start acting like 2 year olds. haha. Getting them back on schedule is a piece of cake!

When they were younger, they were NEVER off schedule!! haha (self-proclaimed Schedule Nazi right here!!) You could, however, see a difference in their personalities if things were starting to get off whack. They thrived on a schedule!

*I want to add that I now have a singleton and she is NOT on a schedule at this point. She is 4 months old (today) and she just eats when she is hungry. It's a lot easier to only have one infant and I can now see why mothers of only singletons would laugh at us moms of multiples. We must have seemed crazy and mean! haha. It's life. It's survival! If I could go back in time, I wouldn't change a thing! :)

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Twin-Spiration said...

You have been nominated for the Beautiful Blogger Award...go to my blog
www.twin-spiration.com and follow the instructions.
I love your blog!

Pink Slippers said...

Your family is adorable. Twins...wow. Much harder then 7 children. I had my one at a time. You are a wonder Mom. So cool.

Christina said...

I total agree with everything you said! I love being scheduled, boy it makes my life easier. :)
I'm a new follower also!

Christina said...

HI!!! Yes, that's where I'm from! Crazy meeting someone who lived so close to me! I hate this snow, lol. Are you enjoying the WARM?? ;))

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