February 23, 2010

oh, just another day...

Today was just the usual, boring day at home with the girls.
You know, like any other day...

...the twins (in the 30 seconds they were left alone) got into Maddie's baby formula, emptied half out of on the table (originally a 24oz can), began playing in it and feeding it to each other.

...Allie somehow got her hands on the full jumbo size 16oz jar of parmesan cheese and made a fantastically sculpted pile of it on the floor. We now have about 1/2 an inch left in the jar.

...after telling Allie to walk her behind over to 'time-out', I stood up and started walking over to talk to her. On my way stepping in some freshly spilt apple juice...courtesy of Alyssa.

...finally got Allie calmed down and started to think about what mess I was going to clean up first when Madelynn started to cry. It was time to eat...@ 8:55pm. Just in time to take the girls to bed.

Talk about being rushed, stressed, and overwhelmed.

I guess it's a good thing that I love them so darn much!

. . .

Have I mentioned before how much Allie truly enjoys being a big sister?
Well, she does!

She is constantly asking me if she can hold (or 'take' as she says) Maddie. She wants to feed her, love her, dress her, kiss her, change her, tickle her, carry her...

Here are a few pictures from today.
Notice that Maddie is LITERALLY over half her size?!
See the way she adores her?
Just seconds before I took this picture Allie looked at me and said,
"Mommy take our picture. CHEESEBURGERS!!"
What was Alyssa doing while this was going on?
Do you think she was in line to hold her darling sister?

She was proudly sitting in Maddie's jumperoo acting like a baby.

Now that it's all over and done...I can finally laugh.

"I'm going to miss this one day. I'm going to miss this one day. I'm going to miss this one day"
If I say it enough, maybe I will be able to enjoy it a little as it is happening.

Doubt it!
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