February 3, 2010

A letter to Madelynn

♥ Madelynn,

I'm writing you this letter today in hopes that when you are older you might be able to understand just how much I love you. You are such a huge part of my life! I mean that in more ways than one, my little chunky monkey!! You have taught me things about myself, parenting, and life. Things that I was too busy to learn with your sisters. I so enjoy my days with you. Watching you, playing with you, remembering you...just as you are at this moment. You are happy in ways that I never knew a child could be. Your giggle makes my heart skip a beat. I love that you can go from screaming to smiling just by hearing my voice and seeing my face.

I have the best alarm clock! It's your laugh! Unlike your sisters, you don't wake up starving and unhappy. Instead you are happy and ready to play. You usually don't have your morning bottle until an hour after you wake and you enjoy your swing and bumbo chair so very much. You learned how to roll over recently and there is no stopping you now. I know its just a matter of time before you are crawling all over the house.

Mornings and evenings are my favorite times with you. We get a good 45 minutes to snuggle and play before your big sisters come down and destroy the house in the mornings. You are so calm and love to just look into my eyes. I can get you to laugh just by saying your name. Every day of this last week I have enjoyed watching the green come through in your eyes. The way they sparkle is just mesmerizing! Our quiet evenings are fun too. You inhale your 6oz bottle and fall fast asleep in my arms. You are too precious to wake up so I let you lay there until I can no longer feel my arm. I carry you to your nursery and hold you yet again as we rock and I sing to you. I watch you sleep peacefully as you smile slightly to certain songs. You sleep great at night and only wake up for one feeding around 5-6am. Again, you are happy and patient when you wake, allowing me to take my time as I sleepily fumble into your room. It only takes you about 15 minutes to eat another 6oz and for that I am thankful!

Everyone says that you look like me, and I couldn't be more proud. I hope one day they say that you have my personality too...as you are fun, motivated and already eager to learn. I can see a peacefulness about you, an understanding. I see you being very mature and even putting your big sisters in their place. I have a feeling that you won't mind when your sisters run off and leave you all alone. You will be just fine by yourself and hanging out with me, momma's little helper. We already spend so much time together. Daddy is gone ALL the time in the Navy and it has given us the opportunity to bond. You are my partner in crime, my buddy!

Mommy only wants the best for you sweetheart! You are a fabulous baby and I thank God everyday for sending you to me. You were wanted very much, honey, so don't ever think anything otherwise. You light up my life and bring something special to every.single.day that we are together.

I love you, Madelynn, our little Maddie, the Madster!!

-Mommy (2/3/10)

You {hate} tummy time! hehe.
But with you rolling over so much, you're on your tummy more than ever!
I know you don't match, sorry! Your little legs were freezing!
By the way, YOU'RE GORGEOUS!
You are so much more than I ever could have dreamed of.
You are my sunshine!

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