February 2, 2010

Just another day...

I took Alyssa and Allison with me today to Babies R Us so we could pick Maddie up a high chair. She is getting so big and it seems as though a bottle is just not enough for her anymore. (pictures of that in a minute) What was the best part of our trip? Both girls went without diapers!! It was our first outing without them. I was a little nervous, but they did great. We went potty as soon as we got there and everyone was still dry. They are very good about letting me know when they have to go and then holding it until we get to the bathroom. I'm so excited!

While we were there I picked them up each a new Dora coloring book to reward them and also got them some much needed new clothes. I decided to get them 18months...hoping they could wear them longer, I ALMOST got them 24months. Being the excited mother that I was, I put their new clothes on them the second we walked through the front door...THEIR PANTS ARE TOO BIG! I could have gotten 12months and they probably would have been to big. The length is great, but the poor girls have to walk around holding them up. haha.

As I was sitting in the high chair aisle patiently waiting the 20 minutes for someone to come help me, I thought that it would be cute to get the girls to say "Help!! Hurry, Hurry!". So...that is what they did.

"HELP! HELP! Hurry, Hurry!" over and over and over and over again.

Everyone that passed us was walking VERY slowly and staring at me as if I was kidnapping the poor girls. It was then that I realized it probably wasn't a good idea to have them yelling that. haha.

Here is our big girl in her new high chair! I can't wait to have her sitting at the kitchen table with the rest of the family.

Can you believe she is almost 4 months?
She was lovin' it!
Allison in her new clothes...notice her pants? They are SUPPOSED to be carpis. haha.
hehe. Alyssa has the sweetest laugh!
. . .

Johnny leaves AGAIN tomorrow morning. ugh!

The days just seem to go by so slow when he is out to sea. I stocked up on everything that I need to make cookies and mini cupcakes. That should keep the girls and I busy while he is gone.

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