January 7, 2010

When Momma's Not Looking

The Good
...we like to help each other
...we count to 10 over and over and over and over again
{moment of silence}
Yes, my 2 year olds can count to 10...be jealous!
...we usually sit quietly on the couch watching Dora or The Fresh Beat Band
...we get a towel to clean up our messes, and then tell mommy how we cleaned it up all on our own!! (mommy's favorite!)
The Bad
...we take off our diapers EVERY.SINLGE.DAY and poop on the floor
...only every other day do we choose to play in it
...we think it's funny to pee in our little potty and before mommy can see, we take it and empty it into our little kitchen sink.
...we squeeze our juice boxes over Maddie (we just want to share) and get her all wet
The Funny
...we pick a booger out of our nose, crinkle our nose, then say "eewwww! Gross!"
...we fall on a toy and hurt our "pee-pee", then we ask mommy to kiss it like she does all of our boo-boos
{What do you say to that??}
...we see the lily bulb in the fish tank and say "eww! fishy poopy!"
...we pester mommy by asking "what's that?" 500 times a day...EACH!
Mommy was baking cookies today for Daddy's work and we were just begging and begging to play out on the patio. Mommy eventually caved and let us out. Not before she opened all of the curtains and one door so she could see and hear us at all times!! Mommy would check on us in between EVERY ingredient to make sure we were okay and playing nice. I guess she knew something was wrong when things got quiet after adding the eggs. Mommy looked outside just in time to see Allison's leg slide under the gate...WE WERE GONE! Mommy had to run all the way back into the kitchen to get the key, because OF COURSE the gate was locked. We had almost made it to the road before Mommy came running towards us like a crazy monkey who had her banana stolen! (she is sooo loony sometimes)
Mommy was mad and made us march our little butts back to the patio. We were shocked to see her let us continue playing outside. As soon as she walked back inside, we made our move!
(mommy would like to step into this lovely story and say that she let them continue playing so she could see who was in the charge of the big escape!)
Alyssa: "come on, Sissy"
as she peeked underneath the gate
Allison: giggling
ran towards Alyssa laughing
as Alyssa started scooting through the 6in of space, Allison turned around just in time to see Mommy snatch her up and carry us both inside...
-The Stone Twins
. . .
As the girls mentioned above, I have been baking some cookies today. And I mean BAKING some cookies.
Peanut butter, oatmeal, and chocolate chip...oh my!
{by request for the USS Makin Island}


Mommyof2girlz said...

This is the best post ever and so many of the Bad and Funny sounds like my house! Hope you got all your cookies made. Stopping in to welcome you to SITS, it's nice to meet you!

Aubrey said...

My toddler escaped from our backyard last summer. My teen left our gate wide open and I didn't check before letting him go outside. How scary is that?!?!??


Coming by from SITS with a big HELLO & Welcome!

lori said...

You make up the funniest stories about my perfect granddaughters (I know it can't possibly be true except of course the cute and funny stuff) meanie mommie won't let them run free outside lol. today's entry is sooooo good. I feel for you I really do! I read these EVERY NIGHT before bed you are an amazing writer!

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