January 16, 2010

Lazy Days...?

It's yet another 'duty day' and that could only mean one thing...

A lazy day for us girls!!

What's on the agenda??
-painting nails
-playing in play-doh
-riding our 4-wheelers around the garage
-frozen pizza for lunch
-cartoons ALL day long
-candy for snacks

I'm pulling out all the stops...it's going to be a crazy day!!

Too bad Mommy still has to clean while all of this fun is going on. :(

Here are a few pictures from last nights dancing fun!!

See the red chair that the girls are sitting on??
By far my favorite purchase from yesterday!!

This sign is a close runner up...
My life story!
I've been looking for a piece to go up in my staircase, this is it! It's a lot bigger than the picture leads on.
I'd like to start living by this saying...to 'keep it simple'. . . .
Hope everyone is having a fun and safe weekend!


Annie said...

A lazy day sounds really good. I like the things you do with the girls.

mrs. b. said...

what a fun lazy day! those are the best!

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