January 15, 2010

{Dancing Queen}

Today has been a day for the record books!

Johnathon and I BOTH got up with the girls this morning, which is rare, because he usually lets me sleep in on the days that he is home. {like he was today!} We got the kids ready and headed out for breakfast. After breakfast we headed to Poway where my ultimate favorite store EVER is located...


I thought that I was brave enough to venture in alone with the twins while Johnathon fed the little one. WRONG! I never imagined that they would start screaming "pee-pee", "gotta go POTTY", "Tiger! ROAR!" and all kinds of other crazy 2 year old mumbo jumbo!

I instantly panicked with EVERYONE'S eyes on me.

The girls quickly went back to the truck with their daddy. :)

After spending wayyy too much $$, we headed over to Michael's craft store so I could find a plain tan canvas tote {just a little something my mom & I are up to...you'll know soon enough}. I found it for a whopping $2.

We were homeward bound at this point so Johnathon could purchase his new (but previously owned) dirt bike. A 1993 Suzuki RM 250 to be exact...doesn't mean a thing to me. haha.

During nap time I made my way to the nail salon for my much needed manicure and 'mommy time'.

When the girls woke we all went to Walmart to pick up some toilet paper and laundry soap for the 3 FULL laundry baskets that are piling up in my bedroom. Yes, THREE! Normally I would be so ashamed and NEVER admit that, but times have changed and I couldn't care less. I blame my adorable little girls for my fall behind!

KFC for dinner {yummy!}.

...and dancing, Dancing, DANCING!

editors note: Please notice the nipple examination half way through one of the videos! haha. She was even checking out her sisters as I was trying to take their picture 5 minutes prior. Only a 2 year old would do such a thing! :) Also, hope you enjoyed the 90's music!!

Hope you all enjoyed the videos...sorry {father} for the delay in blogging today. I was rather busy with my gorgeous family!



Laura said...

Those videos are WAY too cute!! Dancing babies are the BEST! :)

Annie said...

Those videos are great!!

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