January 4, 2010

As Promised...

Here are some of our pictures from
Peter Piper Pizza

Johnny, Allison & Big Bird!!
They were having so much fun...
this should become a weekly event!
{yeah right, if only it weren't a pizza joint!}
Lyssa Bug
Maybe it's because she's mine,
but is she not the most beautiful thing you have EVER seen?

. . .

Well, it's been a pretty good day here. I just tried to relax and enjoy my day full of cartoons, taking our diapers off @ nap time, stealing the chicken off of each others plates, singing, dancing and counting to 8!!

It's a little stressful now, but I know that one day soon I am going to look back and realize just how much I love this time in my life.



mrs. b said...

what cute pictures, mama! your little ladies are seriously adorable. sounds like you had a fun day! and i like your perspective. it *is* hectic, but it's all so great @ the same time. thanks for sharing!

Laura said...

Awwww they look like they're having so much fun!!

Christine said...

Yes, yes! She is Beautiful!
Sounds like you had a pretty full day, and I think you're spot on...these are the best days and someday will be full of favorite memories. I cherish mine.

Happy New Year!

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