December 1, 2009

Hello, December!

?? Is it still December if it is 65 degrees outside ??
This just doesn't feel right. Inside of my house you will find Christmas trees (4 of them!!), Christmas carols, hot cocoa, warm cookies, presents...all the fixings of December!

...and then you walk outside! :(

This is just WRONG! I want to at least bundle my kids up in hats and mittens, but no! Its more like the park and other fun outdoor activities.

I know you all must be saying 'She is crazy! I would give anything for that weather.' but in all realty it's not that much fun when its the only weather you EVER have. It was raining the other day and I loved it!! I miss the smell of fresh rain, the sound of thunder, seeing the first snow fall, making snowmen!

Maybe one day!

. . .

A local radio station near my hometown was doing a 'Christmas Wish' giveaway. My aunt called and gave me all of the details and I went online and entered my mom. She has had a rough year and I thought that it might be nice for her to get a surprise this Christmas season. To my surprise...WE WON!!

They called us today and we will be on the radio tomorrow. If you're in the central Illinois area, you should listen to Bloomington's Magic 100.7!!

. . .

I feel as though they will never be done painting our house. They have had all windows/doors covered with plastic (except our front door) for the last 3 days now. I'm getting antsy and I know the twins are too. I can't even let them play in the garage or on the patio. UGH! What's the point in having this fabulous weather if you can't even open your windows to enjoy it?!

. . .

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Anonymous said...

Yea!!! Congratulations sweetie!! I'm so proud of you as always. Show's just how determined you are in everything that you do. :)

Love you! :)

lori said...

I think I would miss rainy days and the first snowfall too. Congrats to your mom. Whats her wish?

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