December 1, 2009

In Love♥♥

I'm {in love} with...

{My husband, Johnathon}
He is my rock and my best friend. He is literally my other half and everything that I need in a partner.

{My daughters, Alyssa, Allison & Madelynn}
Yes, they keep me running and sometimes make me want to cry, but they are what keep me going and my reasons to get out of bed in the mornings. The each bring something a little different to my life...all things that I couldn't live without!

{My mother, Mary Jane}
To this day she doesn't understand just how much she means to me. Over the years she has gone from a wonderful and always supportive mother, to my very best friend. She is the first person I want to talk to in the mornings (other than my hubby ;)) and I can't sleep until I tell her good-night.

{The Christmas Season}
Who doesn't love listening to Christmas carols, drinking hot cocoa, and curling up under a warm blanket to watch a movie with your hubby?? The decorations, the music and the's fabulous and something that I want my children to look forward to each year!

{Quiet time with Madelynn}
It's rare, but there are times when the twins are sleeping or playing in their room when I get to spend a little extra one on one time with Madelynn. Her big beautiful eyes looking at me, her sweet smiles and soft giggles. I know its times like this that I am going to miss the most.

{Playing with the twins}
These days of "mommy come sit", "mommy come play", "sit on mommy's lap" won't last forever and I love knowing that at this moment in time, my little girls want their mommy to play with them. They want my to be a part of what they are doing.

{My Life}
Sometimes I can't help but sit back in amazement of how my life is going. It may be a little chaotic, but my life is simply blessed and I am thankful for everyone who makes it that way. My husband loves me, my children are healthy and happy, my family is supportive and I am happy!
. . .
Everything is about as good as it could be. We are still adjusting to temporary life without Johnathon and the twins are still asking where he is. He called me today as they were leaving the bay, he really enjoys being on the ship.
Everyone around me is pregnant! My sister, my cousin's wife, a few friends...just glad it's not me this time!


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