July 6, 2009

alright, let's catch up...

Johnny's plane arrived right on time late Thursday night and you can believe me when i say, i was right there waiting. he looked AMAZING! happy, healthy and tan... :) he, of course, decided to wake up the twins as soon as he walked through the door. they took to him like he hadn't even been gone an hour. i think Alyssa's response was the best...pure SHOCK! her chin was literally down to her chest for the next 10 minutes. she would at her daddy, then to me, then to his picture...she knew who he was, but wasn't sure why he was there. haha. it was priceless! Allison was the one i was mostly worried about (i am not sure why) and she took to him just as well. she even ran to him and cozied up right on his lap. i think Johnny was more excited than anything for the twins to try on the new sneakers that he had bought them. he bought all three girls a pair of matching Nike shoes. they are ADORABLE...he did a great job!!he also bought the baby a new outfit, hat, mittens and blankets...AWW! he is such a sweetie!!

the next day we headed to his parents house so he could say hi and visit. we spent the afternoon there, but had to come home to make cupcakes for the party the next day. my sister an i spent about an hour getting everything started when we realized half of the batch wasn't turning out right...change in plans!! we then drove to Sam's Club to buy 60 cupcakes for the big day. i didn't mind, everything turned out great.

the 27th was the twins' BIRTHDAY and we all had a great time. the day was shockingly laid back and uneventful. lots of people showed up for the party and the girls were showered in gifts. it was a great time overall and i am SO glad that Johnny was able to be home for the event!! the girls will always know that daddy was home for their birthday and we can look back on the day and remember it as one of our last fun moments as a family of 4! later that evening we went fishing and just had a good ol' time!

we were basically just lazy over the next few days...with the exception of getting some new family pictures taken. omg omg omg, they turned out wonderfully!! i talked Johnny into wearing a yellow shirt (more like begged him too) and he looked fantastic. of course, the twins looked adorable and sweet. we even got some really cute ones of Johnny and i looking down at my ever growing belly!! Johnny and i even made time to see a few movies while he was here...Transformers 2 and The Proposal. they were both great and we had a good time. i can't even begin to explain how amazing it felt to get out of the house and have a "date night" with my man. we don't normally get that opportunity and we took full advantage of it.

i have tons and tons of pictures to post, but sorry! i am not feeling up to it at the moment. i will devote a whole post tomorrow to just that. :) stay tuned!!

anyway, Johnny left yesterday and i am completely bummed about it. my other half is missing again and he won't be home until i give birth to our newest addition. lucky for me, i have plenty of things to keep me busy. physicals, school supplies, school clothes, the first day of school (for ALL three older kids) and lots more! time should go by faster than ever at this point!

6 Months
(sigh) i am 25 weeks and counting. haha! i feel as though i haven't grown much over the last few weeks, but the baby is definitely active. the movements that i am feeling are changing and growing very intense!! they are not so much kicks or jabs anymore, more like an octopus doing flip-flops. i am starting to feel myself getting tired again as i am getting closer and closer to my last trimester. it just seems as though the small things are wearing me out and i have to sit down a lot more. overall, i am feeling fabulous! i don't feel HUGE and gigantic like i did with my last pregnancy and i have yet to start retaining water like a mad woman. haha. I STILL HAVE ANKLES! :) speaking of my little bundle of joy...Johnny and i have officially decided on a name and we are ready to make it public!! we have actually known this is the name we would use since shortly after the twins were born. i hope you all LOVE what we have chosen...

Madelynn Jane Stone
aka: Maddie

we chose this name by starting with the middle name, Jane. we decided that if it was a girl, we would name her after my mother (Mary Jane). i had a few first names picked out...Ashlynn, Madison, Samantha! after saying all of the names over and over again, it hit me....Madelynn! its perfect! we love it and we think it will fit her to a T. Johnny is just thrilled to be able to call her Maddie...haha...he is so funny!

that's about it for me right now. the twins are asleep for the evening and i think i am going to go jump in the pool. we love you all...take care


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