June 25, 2009

-He's Coming Home-
Johnny is sitting at the airport as i type this...can you believe it?? just a few more hours before he is home and saying hi to his little girls. it seems like he's been away for so long!!
the weather here in Illinois has been horrible (to say the least) over the last week. the temps have been in the high 90s and to keep from melting, we have been spending extra time in the pool. i think i have forgotten how much fun it is at my parents house in the summer time. we spend our afternoons in the pool and sometimes even our evenings!! :) on top of all of this fun, my sister found my camera that has been missing for months. i guess it was put in a small bag that was placed on my parents' night stand...and it fell behind it. no wonder we couldn't find the camera in any of the bags...the bag we needed was hiding! haha. here are few pictures i took from the other day when the kids were splashing and cooling off in their little pool.

this is how the whole evening went...Allison wasn't too thrilled with the whole idea of getting wet!! :)
4 of the 5 kids were having a blast...
...as Allison was peeing in Nana's yard. haha!
the three amigos!
Allison wouldn't stay still for ANYTHING!

sorry, i am keeping this short and sweet. Johnny is coming home tonight and the twins' birthday is on Saturday...too much to do in a little time!! take care...xoxo

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