June 2, 2009

the twins just laid down for a quick nap and i figured i would squeeze in a quick update. as most of you could tell from my last blog, Johnny is coming home. he will be here in 23 short days. :) i am literally smiling ear to ear. we are both SO excited and i can't wait to just see him.

its been another icky sticky day here in central Illinois and at this rate, i am already looking forward to the Fall season. we had an average morning today. we all got up around 7:50 and ate our usual breakfast (waffles and scrambled eggs!) and then it was busy busy busy getting everyone ready for my dr.s appointment. of course by the time i had to go the twins were fussy and in much need of a nap so i had to wake up my sister-in-law to babysit while they slept so i could sneak away for a bit. i took my niece with me and we had a fun afternoon. i saw the dr. about my rash on my ankles that just won't go away. it seems to get worse during pregnancy and its HORRIBLE! it starts off as an itch and turns into a small rash. before long it spreads and turns into scales...or what i call "lizard skin". haha. its gross and looks nasty. its even painful. i swear, sometimes i just wish i had oily acne skin instead of dry, itchy, flaky pale skin! :( since i am pregnant she couldn't prescribe me anything, she just recommended an over the counter cream for me to try. so far i am seeing very little improvement...we'll see! Emma and i also went to Wal-Mart to pick up some diapers and other odds and ends. i picked up a new bottle brush and some new nipples for our bottles. its so sad, but its actually the first thing that i have bought for the new baby. hehe...i can't believe it. i am feeling great lately. just a little back pain from being so active outside with the kids. its nothing that i can't handle!

i think i am going to make my mom happy and go to bingo with her tonight. i enjoy going, i just hate losing week after week after week...you get the picture! it should be fun though. i enjoy every opportunity i get to relax and have some time away from the kids. at times i feel like a one woman day care...but in the end, its all very rewarding.

God Bless

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