June 5, 2009

-21 weeks-
tomorrow i will be 21 weeks...can you believe it? day by day i think about how slow my time away from Johnny is going by. it's not until i write on here and think about how fast the weeks are passing us by that i realize we will be together again sooner than i thought. we only have 20 more days until he is here for his long awaited visit. my nieces and i made a paper chain to help us count down the days. it's so fun to see the excitement in their eyes when they remind me that we have to take a link off of the chain. it is now something that we look forward to every morning after breakfast.

i am feeling fine. i am, as i am sure every pregnant woman is, feeling fat, tired, emotional and almost like a beached whale at times. haha. its getting harder and harder to roll over at night and its starting to keep me up more and more. its also starting to feel more uncomfortable to sleep on my back. UGH. (knock on wood) but i haven't gotten sick in almost 5 days. i think that is a huge accomplishment for me. haha. the baby is moving quite a bit these days and at times i swear i have an octopus in my belly. :) it boggles my mind that i can feel the baby moving and kicking at the lowest part of my stomach as i am getting jabbed in the ribs as well. its bringing back so many amazing yet annoying memories of my pregnancy with the twins. lately i can literally feel my stomach stretching from the inside out and its driving me crazy. so far i have no new stretch marks, but i can sure feel my old ones. every once in a while one will sting, but its short and doesn't last long enough to really bother me. my current cravings are plums, pickles (some things will never change) and chocolate chip cookies from Subway. omgoodness, omgoodness! YUMMY! haha. i have also fallen in love with these really cute 12oz (i think) containers of ice cream. they are so tiny and adorable and you almost want to laugh when you see them. honestly, they are the perfect size and they really know how to nip my sweet tooth right in the butt. my favorite right now is strawberry! :)

the whole house is silent and i am enjoying it so! the only noise is that of my little Emma Michelle washing her barbie in the kitchen sink. haha. the twins are down for their afternoon nap, Johnathan went with his parents to Decatur and my parents are out to lunch. tomorrow is their 28th wedding anniversary and they wanted some (much needed) time alone. they are also making a quick stop by the pool store and picking up all the chemicals and supplies to get their pool open, clean and ready for some summer fun.

speaking of my parents...it absolutely amazes me that they are celebrating their 28th wedding anniversary. what a HUGE milestone! i can still remember throwing them a little party for their 25th. it was just one month before my own wedding. i can still remember thinking to myself that i too would someday celebrate that very same accomplishment. when thinking about my own marriage of three years, it feels as if it has already been an eternity...2 moves, 2 1/2 kids (haha), one (kinda) deployment...it makes me feel kind of childish and naive compared to their whopping 28 years together. i have already learned that marriage is hard and takes an enormous amount of work on both parties involved. people change and things happen...you have to learn to grow together and handle each day at a time. if my parents have taught me anything, its to have fun in life and cherish one another always. i can recall watching my parents when i was younger and silently giggling when my dad would put his arms around my mom and give her a kiss. i would watch as my mom would write a small note and sneak it into my dad's lunch box before work. every Christmas my dad would bring up the Christmas tree box and get it ready for my mom and us kids to put it together. a month later when we were taking the tree down, my mom would grab a permanent marker and leave him a note thanking him for a great year and reminding him how much she loved him. that way, he always had something to read after he lugged that heavy thing up the stairs. haha. our box now has years and years of little notes all over it! :) its the little moments that i remember and i hope that my children will pick up on those same characteristics in their father and i. i just want to take a moment and thank my parents for being such role models and teaching me what love and commitment really are. they have taught me how to be a wife and friend. i have also learned what to expect out of a husband and how a woman should be treated.


i love you

Alyssa got her first "real" boo-boo yesterday. :( Emma tried to pick her up and it ended badly. they both fell over and just happened to be a little too close to the TV stand. Alyssa hit her head right on the glass shelf. in true Alyssa fashion she only cried for a second and was ready to play. Emma on the other hand cried all day long. it didn't matter if someone was just talking about the incident or if they were looking at Alyssa's head. if Emma was reminded of the fall, she was in tears. Alyssa, bless her heart, even tried to comfort Emma and make sure she was alright too. :) it was a very sad, scary and beautiful moment...if that makes sense. Alyssa's head looks fine now and you can barely tell she fell and hit it so hard. Allison was also a darling yesterday and rushed over to Alyssa's side to hug and kiss her when she was hurt. they sure can fight sometimes, but its clear that they are not only sisters, but BEST FRIENDS!

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