July 29, 2008

Why Me?

Sometimes I can't help but wonder why God chose me to be the mother of these two beautiful little girls. What did I do to get so lucky? As you can clearly see from the picture above, this Summer was one I will never forget. Alyssa and Allison are getting so big lately and I personally think that the 12th month has been the best to date. Alyssa FINALLY has 4 teeth, but we are still waiting on Allison to even get swollen. It just goes to show that even though they are twins, they are very different little girls. Some of our favorite things to do lately are...swimming, going on walks, swings & slides, learning to walk and trying new foods. I haven't even begun to think about weening the girls off bottles yet, due to their prematurity, but it might be a fun surprise for Johnathon to come home to a bottle free house.

Its officially three days until we have to say good-bye to Johnathon. I am handling it by simply not thinking about it. I know that if I do, it will bring on the water works. Even though this is only an underway and he will only be gone for 30 days, I haven't had to say good-bye like this in a long time and it will be the first for the twins. I know that I am a military wife and this is what we do, but that doesn't make it any easier. At least the next time this happens I will be lucky enough to be surrounded by family and friends. I've already decided not to let this get me down. I plan on playing with the girls and spending as much time outside as possible. They are already walking great with their push toys so I think it's only a matter of time before they start taking chances and learn that they can walk on their own.

Johnathon and I 'baby proofed' the house a few months back, but as the girls are getting older I am realizing that because there are TWO and I am out numbered, we are going to have to do a better job. :) It's simply too hard to watch two active toddlers 24/7. When I found out I was having twins, my first thoughts were feeding newborns and taking care of newborns and I have been so busy since their birth to stop and think about what I was going to do when they were mobile! Boy was I in for the shock of my life. I can't really complain though because I really enjoy getting on the floor and playing with them. It's so fun with twins. You have two climbing on you and two fighting for your attention. I love it! hehe. I have two major mommy's girls on my hands.

God Bless

oh no! they fell over! :)
Words cannot express my love for them.

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