November 24, 2012

Elf Breakfast: 2012

The girls woke up yesterday to a fabulous little treat from their scout elf, Taxi HeyHey.

He comes every year from the North Pole to help Santa keep an eye on the girls.
This year he decided to treat the girls with a sweet little breakfast and a note.

The girls were very much impressed and kept talking about how hard he must have worked to decorate the table since he is so small. That was a fun conversation to listen to. Their little minds and ways of thinking are so funny.

The night before, the girls got together and wrote a letter to Santa asking for a second scout elf, maybe a girl this time. Well, look who got his letter and listened...

That is our new scout elf Snowflake. At first it was Pixie Snowflake. Then it was Snowflake Shimmer. Now it's just a simple Snowflake.
Allison named her.
I like it.

Believe it or not, this is Madelynn smiling and posing for the picture.

Has your scout elf arrived from the North Pole yet?

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