October 1, 2012

31 Days of Halloween: Styrofoam Spiders

Day 1: Styrofoam Spiders
This is my usual go-to craft for the Halloween season. In fact, we have done this for the last three years.
I first seen this craft on another mommy blog and it's been a huge hit ever since.
You will need:
Any size of styrofoam balls
Foam paint brush
Black paint
Black pipe cleaners
Elmer's glue (not pictured)
Wiggle eyes

I, personally, cut the styrofoam balls in half so they sit flat on the wall, but you could always leave them round.
Then I let my girls go crazy painting their balls.

It always seems like more paint gets on my table then of the actual balls. Go figure.

While the balls were drying, I cut four pipe cleaners in half to make the eight legs and set them to the side.

When they were all dry, we stuck the pip cleaners into the ball to make the legs and bent them so the spiders 'body' was off of the table.

I then let the girls take Elmer's glue and glue on as many eyes as they wanted.
Usually we place these spiders around the house but this year I needed something to fill the space on either side of the shelves so I took plain old thumb tacks and hot glued them to the back of the spiders body and stuck right into the wall. I could have used sticky tac or command strips, but this is what we chose to do.
What do you think?

The girls were very pleased and even scarred Johnathon with them when he got from work.

Be sure to stop back by tomorrow and hear all about our trip to a local apple orchard where we picked our own apples.
Happy crafting!

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