October 3, 2012

31 Days of Halloween: Jell-O Worms

Day 3: Jell-O Worms

It was my full intention to share with you my creation of Jell-O Worms today.
However, I fought the worms and the worms won!
THIS was my inspiration.

And what I got instead was more like worm guts than actual worms.
I went through the whole process...
I followed the directions as if I was making Jell-O Jigglers and put it in a cake pan.
I then placed a whole package of straws in the pan and to keep them from floating, I placed some flatware on top.
Easy enough, right?

It was horrible. There I was with all three girls surrounding me with excitement on their faces and duh, duh, duh...DISAPPOINTMENT!
The Jell-O came out of the straws all right, but in a big nasty mess.
I went to the store today and bough replacement Jell-O for a new batch of worms, but can we get real for a minute?
I have a little girl who will be three years old in a matter of days and the only thing worse than a 2 year old is a 3 year old!! She has been having the worst fits lately and I just couldn't justify rewarding her with this treat on such an awful day, but I also couldn't do them without her. So, we will wait until tomorrow and start a fresh day.
For a moment I thought about just making the worms for the sake of the blog, but...
I am a mommy first and mommy blogger second.
Plain and simple.
Stay tuned and I hope to share pictures of our second batch later this week.  

About a month ago I spent two weeks feeling simply horrible. I was seen by a doctor who tested just about everything possible and today I got the results...healthy!
She is unsure on how to proceed with me so she is sending me off to a neurologist.
Your prayers are greatly appreciated.
With that being said, my illness caused us to get a little behind on our school work. We are officially one whole week behind schedule. I am not too worried about it because we have a long two week break in December an I know we will get caught up, but I am just upset with myself. It's very important to me that we stay on schedule and keep on top of everything. Rest easily, we will get there.
We are in our 9th week of school and the girls are reading up a storm. Mostly three to four letter words, but  I am so proud.
Life has been so crazy lately, in fact, that we up and forgot all about Alyssa and Allison's dance class last night. {forehead smack}
No worries, they will attend a make up class later this week.
Happy Hump Day!!
I, for one, am SO glad to be half way through our week.

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