July 12, 2012

More 'Big Girl' Beds

We finally went out and bought the twins their 'big girl' beds.

During our stay in Illinois we tried both bunk beds {this momma was too scared} and sharing a twin bed {too much fighting = no sleep}...

and we always ended up in their old toddler beds.

We knew that when we moved into this house, they would each have their own twin size bed. I'll be honest, I was a little worried that two beds wouldn't fit into the bedrooms in this house and I NEEDED that extra fourth bedroom as a playroom so I wouldn't lose my mind.

Guess what? The beds fit PERFECTLY!!

Their room isn't even 10% finished, but I was just too excited to wait and HAD to post pictures of their beds. The green/blue shutters will be their headboards and the old window with the quilt backing, they will go just above the headboards. My plan is to cut their name out of vinyl using my Cricut Machine and putting that onto the windows.

I also plan on getting them a few more accent pillows for their bed and a new, more mature and calm colored, rug. Their dresser is on the opposite wall and it will get a paint job along with their night stand.

I'm pretty excited to get started on their room and even more excited to share pictures of it!!


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