June 24, 2012

Welcome Home, AS1

On June 14th, after a few hours of delays, we all gathered at the airport to welcome home our husband, daddy, son, uncle, nephew, grandson, cousin and HERO...

AS1 Stone

We all dressed in our patriotic best and waited for his plane to arrive.

My sister, Cassy, offered to take pictures.

We hung our banner high so everyone could see it!

The girls and I got special gate passes so we could go and meet Johnathon first at his gate. It was amazing and I am so glad that we were able to do that. 

Through the gate and getting excited!

He's home!!

All three of the girls adjusted well to seeing him and Madelynn was smitten from the start.

Madelynn got a real kick out of seeing Daddy's ribbons. One even fell off during all of the hugging.


Standing above his banner!!

We are so happy to have him home and are enjoying every minute of it. 


Mary said...

How special! Your girls are adorable! I found you on multiples and more and your blog is so cute!

Holli said...

Beautiful post and beautiful family! Found you through Multiples and More this morning. So much respect for your family for so many reasons! Thank you for sharing such a special moment.

Barb said...

Just found your blog on M&M :) What a special day for all of you - you have such a beautiful family! Many thanks to your husband for his service!

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