April 15, 2012

Two Hours

I have to be at work in two hours (yes, on a Sunday) and my work clothes still haven't been washed. I'm feeling a little less than motivated at the moment. The days are quickly passing me by and even though that is what I have hoped for since Johnathon left, there simply aren't enough hours in the day to accomplish what needs to be done. I took full advantage of getting off early last night and took two large trips to the my storage unit. Thank goodness for my brother, who had just fallen asleep when I asked him to help me. Most of my bigger pieces of furniture have been moved, other than my bed, couch and kitchen table.

I was being extremely cautious about how my boxes were labeled, but due to time restrictions I decided it was more important to just get the crap into the box. :) Besides, Johnathon will be home to help me unpack it anyway. *evil grin*

Eight weeks until I load up the girls and start our drive across the country. We have been talking about California a lot more lately and they are really getting excited. So am I. I am just ready to be home and right now that is San Diego with my husband. It's the only place that he and I have ever been a family together and it really does feel like home at this point.

My mom is doing outstanding!! Her pathology results came back and they are happy with the margins and everything looks great. They are, however, having her do another round of chemo just to be safe. Even though we had talked about it and we knew it was an option, just hearing those words from the doctor were hard for her. I keep reminding her that this is just a small battle and that we have already won the war. The cancer is gone. No more! Of course it will be a few weeks before she starts that due to her scars that need to heal first.

I want to sit here and tell you how wonderful Johnathon is doing out on the ship, but I honestly think he is just ready to get home. His situation is different from everyone else. When he gets home from this deployment, that is also his last day on that ship and he will be transferring off. Most of these men and women will be returning home, but remaining to work on the ship. For this reason, Johnathon has already begun training his replacement and doesn't have the same responsibilities.

The girls are fabulous, as always. The twins haven't done much school work in the last few weeks but I'm not too concerned with that. They each know every letter of the alphabet and their sounds, can write their names with no help, and we work in their workbooks a few nights a week.

Well, I guess I should get something done. :)

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