December 19, 2010


I'm alive.

...and doing well!

Madelynn is officially a walker now. She is walking across rooms and has learned to catch her balance instead of falling forward. My goal is to get it on video tomorrow!

Alyssa and Allison are still ornery as ever. Their imaginations are crazy right now and they are such story tellers. I love it!

Johnny has duty tomorrow and then starts his Christmas leave after work on Monday. Yay!

Johnny knew I was having a hard, I mean MONTH, and let me open one of my gifts early. I got me a day at the spa...manicure, pedicure and full body massage. {sigh} He knows me too well. :)

I've come across the most delicious pumpkin dessert that I just HAD to share...
1 large can of pumpkin pie MIX (not 100% pumpkin)
1 large instant vanilla pudding packet
half a container of cool whip
*Mix all three ingredients in a bowl then empty into a graham cracker pie crust. Use the remaining cool whip on top and viola! It's super yummy and trust me, you will love it!

I'm totally lame and have yet to mail out my Christmas cards. I even addressed them before Thanksgiving. Ugh. I try. Really, I do. Lame!!

I announced that I was done Christmas shopping over a month ago. I am STILL buying! This Christmas is ridiculous...and expensive! hehe.

I'm exhausted and plan on taking full advantage of my wonderful husband who has offered to feed Madelynn if she is to wake in the middle of the night. I love him.

Good night, loves.

God Bless

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