November 8, 2010

$ What A Deal $

I thought I would just take a moment and explain how easy it was to make the twins' Thing 1 & Thing 2 Halloween costumes.

Even better...they were CHEAP too!!
The dresses were actually made out of two red standard size pillowcases. I simply followed the directions from an easy tutorial {pillowcase dress} from Youtube...and Viola!

I had no luck finding a cheap, child sized wig for them to wear that I thought was worth it for a few hours of trick-or-treating so I opted to spray their hair blue and make some of my own bows!!
Let's break it down...

2 red pillowcases (Wal-Mart)...$12
2 pairs of red tights (garage sale)...$ .50
2 Pairs of red shoes (on sale @ Wal-Mart)...$6
2 red turtle neck shirts (Wal-Mart)...$7
3 rolls of blue ribbon (50% off @ Jo-Ann Fabrics)...$3
1 Halloween face painting kit...$2
1 can blue hair tint...$4
3 pieces of felt...$1

Comes to a grand total of $17.75 per child.

You could find anything more adorable for that price...ANYWHERE!!
They were a huge hit and I have no regrets!!

I was a little worried about doing the 'cliche' twin costume, but obviously there is a reason. Everyone loved them!!

No name calling. Yes, I know I am crazy.
BUT...I already have next years costumes picked out and they will be homemade as well.

There is no stopping me now! :)

God bless.

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Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

Adorable! (sorry I am playing catch up)

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