October 21, 2010

{ Thoughts }

Johnathon is no longer out to sea, but he might as well be! He is out of the house by 5am and walks back through the door around 8pm. It makes for very long days for the girls and I. Especially with this cold gloomy weather we are having, (which I secretly LOVE) it is hard to get out of the house and take our trips to the park. I've tried to fill our days and evenings with fun things like...painting bird houses, making paper plate spiders, baking, more baking and organizing toys and clothes.

The bird houses tuned out great and really showed the girls' different personalities. Alyssa completely covered hers in paint. Not one inch was left untouched. Allison took her time and made designs on hers, but left some of the side blank. It was a lot of fun.

This week alone we have made dinner rolls, french bread, homemade cupcakes & icing, banana nut bread, and doughnuts. We've been busy!! I also made my own colored sugar to put on top of the cupcakes and it turned out fabulous!! I just mixed a little sugar with some of my gel food coloring in a Ziploc bag and viola! It turned out great and the girls have enjoyed a spoonful of orange sugar in their cereal each morning. I think I will keep a nice stock of pink sugar (aka: fairy dust) on hand 24/7 from now on. *If you use liquid food coloring then you may need to let the sugar sit on wax paper after it is mixed so it can dry out.

In many ways, I feel like a single parent. It's too late when Johnathon gets home for him to deal with any maintenance around the house or help out with anything, so it's just me. I deal with everything from a loose toilet seat to heavy lifting to putting laundry away, which was his only chore! :) I did draw the line when it came to the dead rabbit on our back patio. It was headless and had some 'unmentionables' hanging out of it's neck hole. GROSS! I made him dispose of it around 9pm last night. He is so good to me. :)

Johnathon did a little fancy work and got a duty switch with a friend for Halloween. Now he will be able to join me in taking his 3 little beauties around. We are all so excited!! We also found out that he didn't win Sailor of the Year. :( Afterall, he can't win every time. ;) He is still just as motivated and working hard.

Like a light switch, Madelynn decided to take her sippy. I'm thrilled and will no longer offer her a bottle. As of right now she is still on a baby food/oatmeal mix for every meal. She has 5-6 'meals' a day and they are usually 2 jars worth of baby food. She gets milk 3 times a day, but I only allow water in her crib. It seems to be working! She is also in love with blueberry puffs and gets giddy when she sees me grab them. She is pro at crunching them with her front teeth and devouring them. She is not as good, however, at eating the small part of a candy wrapper that she puked up yesterday!! I'm assuming it was from a candy bar that one of the twins snuck out of the Halloween candy bowl while I wasn't looking. More than likely they dropped it in the play yard with Madelynn so I wouldn't see the evidence...ornery little girls!

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