October 13, 2010

A List

Due to my lack of time and energy, here is a list.

1. Johnathon will be home TOMORROW!! It will be late, but at least we can say TOMORROW!!

2. We had homemade pizza tonight made with yeast-free dough...only because we didn't have anything else so I had to get nifty. It was yummy! :) The twins got a real kick out of spreading their own dough and adding whatever toppings they wanted.

3. After a few days of Madelynn being super fussy and not wanting to sleep, I am having a hard time keeping her awake. Her second nap is now so long that I have to wake her up. I'm too scared that she won't want to go back to bed at night.

4. This morning was Johnathon's 'Junior Sailor of the Year' board. He's pretty sure that he answered the questions correctly, but isn't 100% confident. I, personally, have no idea when we should hear anything, but I will keep everyone updated!!

5. I'm on a baking fix. I can't seem to stop. It's either, banana nut bread, chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal cookies, dinner rolls, and many other goodies (all homemade!!) and I can't stop! I adore the way it makes my house smell...hate what it may do to my already imperfect figure! :(

6. Even though we have been head lice free for almost two weeks now, I still feel like my head is itching 24/7. Is it all a mental thing? I'm still combing through my AND the girls' hair EVERY. SINGLE. DAY!! Maybe it's just a dry scalp?! Either way, it's got me paranoid.

7. Bath time is secretly my new favorite time of the day. The twins have not had an afternoon nap since their dad left, so my days are 100% jam packed full with chaos. Thus making bath time the only 20 minutes of my day where I can sit, and only just sit!! I'm not feeding or dressing anyone. I'm not wiping any butts or blowing any noses. I can simply SIT and watch my three little girls splash and have fun. :)

8. Maybe it's the cool weather coming in, but I am feeling a strong urge to go on walks. Not leisurely walks, but pushing my double stroller for an hour at a fast no-talking speed kind of walk. It's a nice feeling and I can't wait to get my girls out of the house and into some cool fresh air!!

9. We are slowly getting ready for a garage sale. More than likely it won't be until Spring...or even Summer when my niece is here, but we are starting to prepare. It is pathetic the amount of clothes that we have and good shape that they are all in. Some little girl, and her mom, will be VERY happy!!

10. My 23rd birthday is this Sunday and it looks like Johnathon will be working. :( I'm a little bummed.

11. Johnathon will be home TOMORROW!! Oh, did I already say that? Well, he will!!


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