October 10, 2010

Just Make Me A Cape...

...and call me 'Super Mom'!!

I may not have posted a lot lately (mainly because my memory cards are full and I have no new pictures) but we have sure been busy!!

Today was our second day at our new church and it was fabulous yet again. If you EVER have the chance to hear Craig Gross preach, jump at the chance. He is from Las Vegas, Nevada and had a great message today. I laughed the entire time and even cried at one point. I'm so pleased with this church and it is a breath of fresh air!!

Afterwards I took my girlies to lunch at the place of their request!! When I asked where they wanted to go, they yelled 'Star milk!! We want star milk!!'. So, off to Carls Jr. we went to get their 'star milk', chicken and french fries. Kids are so easy to please and any time that I don't have to cook...I'm game!

By the time 2pm rolled around we were all exhausted. I put Madelynn down in her crib and the twins snuggled up in my bed with me and we snoozed the afternoon away.

Alyssa wanted pancakes for dinner and Allison wanted noodles. When Allison fell back to sleep right before dinner, Alyssa and I decided that we would take full advantage of the situation and make what we, or her rather, wanted for dinner. Pancakes it was!! Yum!

For dessert? Nothing other than homemade banana nut bread made by my darling little girls. Alyssa was in charge of cracking the eggs, half went straight to the floor! Got to love being a kid!

We are now watching Beauty and the Beast for the 12th time in four days (literally) and chowing down on our warm bread. The dishes are in the dish washer, counters are cleaned, laundry is in the dryer and there is no trace that any bread was ever baked...except for the wonderful smells of course! :)

Tomorrow should be a pretty relaxing day. We are taking a small shopping trip to Target and checking out the new 'Ross' that opened up yesterday. Other than that, we are just sitting at home and doing some crafts.

Happy Sunday from the West Coast!!

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