October 30, 2010


Halloween is just around the corner and we are busy soaking up these last few hours with baking goodies, making crafts and enjoying this wonderfully rainy day!!

Some friends are coming over later to decorate the previously mentioned goodies and then it's nothing but relaxing in front of the TV and sipping hot chocolate for us. Johnathon has duty today/tonight so it's just us girls. I see sleeping bags, popcorn and a good movie in our near future!! :)

My laptop has decided to be stubborn and not turn on. :( We had to bust out our old desk top (wish is placed on the floor in my living room) just so I could update everyone and get my Facebook fix.

Horrible, I know!

I would post pictures, but I really don't want pictures on this computer...it's slow enough already!! I'll probably cave before too long, but for the next week or so it may just be old baby pictures of the twins. (But who could complain about seeing those cuties?!)

I hate to jinx ourselves, but we tried something new while putting the girls to bed last night and it worked!! We usually just put them in bed and shut the door, not really caring if they were to get up and play because they always find their way back to their beds. Our problem was that they weren't telling us when they had to go to the bathroom. Instead they were just picking a spot and squatting right there on their floor.

We decided to go back and try an approach we had attempted before by putting a baby gate in their doorway, leaving the door open and simply explaining to them that they had to stay in bed. They were too young to understand that before...and besides, who can stay in bed when their best friend is a few feet away. I sure wouldn't! :)

Well, last night we talked to the girls after the bath and told them the rules and consequences of getting out of bed and VIOLA! It worked!! They whispered a little bit and even yelled for me once, but all while laying in their beds. I'm so proud of them and it lifts a lot of stress off my shoulders. It makes my life seem so much easier...and less smelly!

During the month of November I will be attempting to write about one thing that I am thankful for each day until Thanksgiving. I urge you all to do the same. Whether it's on your blog, in a quick status update on Facebook, writing it down in a journal, or just telling your family. Whether you can see it or not, we are all very blessed and we should start to acknowledge those blessings in our lives. Show appreciation to someone you may usually take for granted and say 'thank-you' for even the simplest tasks.

Until next time my fabulous friends...

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