August 3, 2010

It's almost time!

It's no surprise that my sister-in-law, Becky, is about to pop. In about a month she, and her fiance Josh, will be welcoming their adorable son into the world.

Where do I come into the picture?

I'm co-hosting the shower, of course!

I temporarily lost all sanity and decided to hand make all of the 40 invites!
I spent the week that my niece was in the hospital working on the invites. She got a real kick out of helping me and I think it helped pass the time.

It didn't hurt that all the nurses were stopping by to check out the 'awesome party invites' in room 226!
My mom helped me cut the paper (found at Hobby Lobby for $ 0.29 a sheet) into thirds and I began working on my permanent hand cramp! :)

How cute is the saying at the top of the invite?

"Giddy up, Partner!
Some news for you...
Becky & Josh
are having
A Lil' Buckaroo!"
The finishing touch was some black ribbon on the top and we stuffed them in the envelopes inside of red tissue paper.

If the invites are any indication...

It's sure to be a GREAT shower!
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