May 30, 2010

Where oh where...

It's no new information when I say that we are a military family {US Navy to be exact} and we live in sunny San Diego, California. That's not a big deal to most of you, but when you come from a small town in central IS! For obvious reasons, most of our family has never been out to visit us in the 4 years that we have lived here {5 for Johnathon}.

I thought it would be fun to show them a little of where we live. ya go.

Clearly we live in military housing. It's a very nice subdivision and we are very lucky. However, all of the houses look exactly alike {which is why the twins are always trying to open someone else's front door} and even though we each have our own 2 car garage, the houses are set up in a townhouse style. We were lucky enough to get an end unit and have extra windows!! :)

Here is our view from our front 'yard'.
I say 'yard' because it is literally a few square feet!

The building to the right is our district office and the buildings to the left are historical houses...also military housing.
This is would be our mailbox! It's set up a little like an apartment complex would be. Most everyone's mailbox is within walking distance from their house...except ours! It is at least a block away. For those of you will children, you will understand what I mean when I say that it is too far to walk without your children and it is too close to be worth loading them all up in the stroller.

Oh, and Joey, this would be why we are ALWAYS losing our mail inconvenient
This is just a shot of our street. You can't actually see our house from this view, but you get the idea.

We are within walking distance to a small lake {it's literally in our back yard...but fenced in, of course}.

It has a neat little trail around it, a few jungle gym areas for the kids and thousands of squirrels. THOUSANDS!

*It reminds me of Weldon Springs...but a lot smaller!

I wasn't comfortable putting a photo of my actual house on here, so I was a little sneaky.

Do you see the small window that he arrow is pointing to?

Yep! We live back there!

There are literally speed bumps every few yards. It is a relief to know that people have to drive slow, but I tell you what!! Those speed bumps were NOT fun when I was pregnant with the twins! Even if I didn't have to go pee, my bladder was shot after a few of those puppies!

And just for fun I had to throw in a picture of a palm tree. This is one from in front of our district office. I know I am short, but this baby is TALL!

It wasn't anything too crazy, but I hope you all enjoyed this small glimpse into my life.

{Joey, this was mainly for you!}

. . .

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Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

Thanks for sharing - it was fun seeing more about you and where you live. My best friend is married to a marine and they live in Florida. I believe that they do not live on the military base but they have in the past so this was a fun post for me. Beautiful city!
And yes, I promise more re-do posts. We completely remodeled the girls side of the house - their bedroom, playroom, bathroom & hallway. We are still waiting on the girls bedrails to finish in the girls room. Future re-do posts coming up soon.

Heather said...

Great pictures! Looks pretty there!

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