May 17, 2010

Let's talk about...


Have I posted a picture of her sitting up yet?

Well, here she is!
All 16lbs of her sweetness!

Oh, goodness!
Words just can't explain how much I love her!!!

Check out those EYES!

She's already such a heart breaker!

She is also 'talking' and her favorite thing to say is "Dada, dada"!

I tried to catch her saying it on video. It took me a little while, but here it is!!

Maddie is doing great! She is vibrant and sooo energetic. Her smiles are HUGE and genuine and I would make her laugh all day long if I could. She is intrigued by her sisters and is fascinated by watching them play.

She is still eating baby food, but we are taking it slow. She tends to spit most of what she eats all over me on a nightly basis.

She is still sleeping all night long...thank God!

Occasionally she will get up on all fours and move either her legs or arms, but never both! I think she is content with rolling over to get everywhere. At this rate, she will NEVER crawl. :)

Madelynn is very active and refuses to sit still while being held. One second she wants to watch her sisters play, the next she wanted to grab your face and slobber all over it. She attempts to climb up me and pull my hair and then in the next breath tries to jump onto the floor to play. She definitely keeps me on my toes!!

1 comment:

grandma said...

OMG ADORABLE!!!!! Glad to see she likes her Easter!

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