May 27, 2010


I took the girlies to the park tonight while Johnathon & Madelynn were napping. I always have such a blast with them. They are crazy and outgoing and every minute is fun, fun, fun!

They strut their stuff down the sidewalk like they are walking a catwalk in Milan.

It's precious!

{Alyssa: green glasses; Allison: blue glasses}
I have literally "Eeeek'd" twice this week while we were out walking. These silly lizards think it's funny to squirm out in front of me as I walk...ambush style!

The one today was on the larger side and I seriously screamed.

My girls are obviously nothing like me when it comes to animals, bugs and sneaky squirmy lizards...

They tried to chase after it!
The girls met a new friend today while at the park. I'm not sure her name, but she looked about 4 and was a little bossy. I tried to stay back and see how the girls would handle the situation. Luckily (for that little girl), Allison put her in her place. The little girl pushed Alyssa down the slide when she wasn't looking and Allison said, "Hey! Be nice to my Lyssa." She then went to go down the slide herself, turned around and looked the girl dead in the eyes and said, "Don't touch me!"

5 second pause

"Please!" least she has manners.
I took this picture just for fun. When the girls were little (maybe 10 months) I took this exact same picture in this exact same spot. It's fun to look at them and compare how much they have grown.

They're getting so big!

They sat in the big girl swings tonight and they were so proud! We even worked on them pumping their legs.

It took us 10 minutes (what should have taken 2) to walk home after that.


Every few steps they decided to sit down and empty the sand out of their boots.

Except after the 3rd time, there was NO MORE SAND!

That didn't stop them though.

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Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

Adorable pictures! And funny story! Good for your girls!

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